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  1. CBD Tea & How to use it

    CBD Tea offers users of the molecule an easy and relaxing way to get their daily dose. CBD Teas can also be brewed with certain Terpene – containing herb augment its effects.


    What is CBD Tea?

    CBD Tea is exactly what you probably think it is, a mix of herbal infused, with added CBD for that added relaxing vibe.

    CBD Oil is extracted from hemp plants that are naturally low in THC. The CBD itself is entirely Non-Psychoactive or addictive.

    CBD tea bags are generally made from CBD isolate. This means that the CBD has undergone the maximum amount of filtration possible to ensure that it has no other Cannabinoids, Phytocannabinoids or Terpenes included.


    CBD Tea for Flu season

    The flu season has been particularly rough this season. Many of...

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  2. January Sale

    Buy One Get One Free all month on all CBD Vape Liquids.


    At Mary Jane labs, we know how the January Blues hit us all after the Festive Season has finished, to make things a little bit easier to get through the month we have the offer of Buy One Get One Free on all our CBD Vape Liquids.


    CBD Vaping is another way to consume CBD. CBD enters the blood stream easier and avoids passing through the digestive tract and liver.

    An efficient method for administering CBD.

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