Cannabis Seeds

  1. CBD for Breast Cancer October Awareness Month

    CBD for Breast Cancer October Awareness Month

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time for standing with breast cancer survivors and spreading awareness of the disease. Every year around 46,000 people are diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  This month is their time to stand up and fight back, and Mary Jane Labs wants to help.


    Breast Cancer Awareness

    Breast Cancer is the most common diagnosed cancer among women in the United Kingdom. Almost nine in 10 (87%) women survive breast cancer for five years or more. Breast cancer survival is improving and has doubled in the past 40 years in the UK due to a combination of improvements in treatment and care, earlier detection through screening and a focus on targets, including faster diagnosis.
    An estimated 600,000 people are alive in the UK after a diagnosis of breast...

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  2. Cannabis Seeds and the Different Varieties

    Cannabis Seeds and the Different Varieties

    There are a lot of Cannabis seeds to choose from. Cannabis seeds are the source for quality cannabis that people not only grow, they collect. Not only are there a lot of them to choose from they come in a multitude of different varieties. There are regular cannabis seeds, feminized cannabis seeds, and auto flowering cannabis seeds. 

    Some people even work with ruderalis cannabis seeds, though this is typically done by breeders. Then you have the same genetics offered by many different companies. It's always suggested to go with a reputable company that offers a large selection of cannabis seeds not just a handful.

    Typically, these companies work directly with seed banks that have the ability to obtain consistent quality cannabis seed genetics. If you are a cannabis s...

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