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  1. Three reasons why CBD might not be working for you!

    Does CBD ever work?? How much should I be taking?? A couple of questions asked by those who are thinking their CBD isn’t working for them. Without any prior knowledge, people sometimes go out on a limb and try a higher dosage, yet feel like they are not getting the most beneficial outcome.


    In fact, there are a number of legitimate reasons why CBD might not be working for you! So, before you throw in the towel and give up on CBD, check and see if any of these following reasons apply to yourself.


    You need to give it more time:
    Some people expect instant results when taking CBD, but each body is different. If you are using a topical CBD and you don’t feel a result after 2-5 minutes, reapply more CBD on the same spot. If you are consuming an ingestible, it...

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  2. Red Velvet CBD Cupcakes Recipe for Valentine’s Day


    Make your Valentine’s day special by making your very own CBD Red Velvet Cupcakes.

    Simple Equipment you will need:

    • Oven
    • Muffin Tin
    • Muffin Cups
    • 2 Large Mixing Bowls
    • Hand Mixer
    • Measuring cups
    • Spatula
    • Wire Whisk
    • Ice Cream / Cookie Dough Scoop
    • Piping Bag + Star Tip


    Once you have all your Equipment, Time to get all your ingredients ready.


    Ingredients for the Red Velvet Cupcakes

    • ½ cup Butter melted
    • 1 cup Granulated Sugar
    • 2 Eggs
    • ½ cup Milk
    • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
    • 1½ cups Flour
    • 1 pinch Salt
    • ...
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  3. CBD Infused Parmesan Mashed Potatoes

    Looking for a new way to do your Sunday mash? Look no further…

    You will need:

    • A large pot for boiling potatoes;
    • Fork for poking potatoes;
    • A bowl;
    • A spoon or any tool for mashing potatoes;
    • Cup and spoon for measuring.



    1. Three ounces of parmesan cheese;
    2. CBD oil (amount should be according to the instructions written in the packet of the brand you bought);
    3. Seasonings (salt and pepper);
    4. One teaspoon of rosemary;
    5. One teaspoon of garlic powder;
    6. A quarter cup of milk;
    7. Half a cup of sour cream;
    8. A quarter cup of butter;
    9. Five pounds of potatoes.


    How to make:

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  4. How can CBD help with Obesity?

    At least 62% of adults in England are classified as overweight or obese. More than two-thirds of men and almost 6 in 10 women are overweight or obese.

    With how easily accessible foods and desk jobs are, its no wonder some of us are putting on some weight. Stress eating, depression and poverty also contribute to these problems.

    While CBD can give you a raise at your job, it can help you lose excess weight.

    Taking some inches off. CBD can help with your trouble spots by encouraging your body to use your fat for energy.

    CBD can help with the pain of exercising
    Chronic pain is extremely common with obesity. People tell you just to work out more and go exercise, but they don’t understand that you are in tremendous pain. A nasty cycle of a pain keeping you from e...

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  5. How CBD can help you if you work from home

    If you have started working from home, your already happy with the fact you’re not stuck in rush hour traffic. Sitting back on the laptop catching up on emails in your pj’s. working from home can be a blessing but it can also be a curse. While you get to drink your morning coffee in the comfort of your own home, you may also not of seen another human in the flesh for a few days. There is a list of cons that come with working from home but CBD may be able to help you with some of them.

    Working from home can cause a few health problems if you fall into a unhealthy routine.



    • Missing the traffic

    Normally your stuck in an hour traffic on the way to work and then an hour stuck in traffic on the way home from work. For a lot of people, they choose their job based on their commute because fuel prices are getting higher and we value our time. When working from home, the commute to your computer or laptop is less a 2-minute walk, giving you more time for your self and family time.

    • Own clothes day every day

    Its own clothes day every day when you work from home. You will see that you don’t have to spend money on new office clothes or having to follow a strict dress works code witch some people find wearing is uncomfortable.

    • No one watching your every move

    Feel like you are being watched or having your manager breathing down your neck while at work? Working from home you don’t have that. You know you have good work ethic and probably work better without being micromanaged. When working from home you’re the boss of yourself. You make sure you get the work done and you do a good job of it.

    • Can work where ever

    Taking your work abroad with you or to a coffee shop. As long as there is internet you can set yourself up and continue with your work.



    • Avoiding distraction is difficult

    If it’s the school holidays and you have the kids at home, you might find yourself away from your desk more then you wanted to be. Walk in to the kitchen to make a hot drink or do your lunch, but end up doing the dishes and then leads to cleaning the oven. Sit down for 5 minutes Infront of the TV to eat your lunch and then 2 hours has gone by because you have been watching your favourite TV program. With all this you would have to wait till finish time at work and then get the house work done or watch your TV.

    • Less exercise and movement

    Working in an office, you have to walk from your car or local bus stop to get to the office. Walk to some one else’s desk to discuss work. Walk to the café for lunch. Even walk down the corridor to the bathroom. At many points in the day working I an office you will be off the chair and walking around. When your work from home, your movement is very limited.

    • Depression!

    Working from home doesn’t mean you’re going to get depressed. Depression builds over a period of time when working from home. It can sneak up on you and take over if you’re not careful. Working from home mean you don’t get the interaction with real life human beings like you would do working in an office block. When working from home, your sitting in silence for hours at a time by yourself. When you have finished work, you walk 2 meters into the rest of the house, and some times still feel like you’re in work still. You don’t have significant change in scenery and this can get to you if you’re not careful.

    • Anxiety

    Working from home can cause you to be thinking about work all the time even when you are not sat at the computer. This can leave you stressed out about work that needs to be done. You could be lying in bed and remember something needs to be done, so your up till 2am in front of the computer. If at work at an office, you leave at a time when the office is closed and work missed can be completed tomorrow in office hours. This kind of stress can be damaging.

    • You must be Entirely self-motivated

    If you aren’t good with out some one patting you on the back or some one pushing you to do your work, working from home isn’t for you. Working from home is about having self-discipline and if the work needs doing you do it. You might find the work building up because of the number of breaks giving to yourself.


    When working from home, you need to find balance of not letting yourself get distracted and unmotivated for work and also not spending 8 hours staring at the computer screen without moving.


    How can CBD help?

    CBD can’t solve all your problems, but it could help with a lot of them. Research has been proven that cannabidiol has a wonderful potential to improve quality of life, something that is needed if working from home.

    CBD can help with:

    • Depression
    • Loneliness
    • Anxiety
    • Energy
    • Motivation
    • Blood pressure
    • ...
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  6. CBD for Intrusive Thoughts

    As we all know CBD is helping many people with, Anxiety, Depression, chronic pain and many other issues people suffer with on a daily basis. CBD can also help with OCD. Intrusive Thoughts are a prevalent symptom of Obsessive-Compulsive disorder also known as an obsession. Although, this doesn’t mean you have to have OCD to experience this way of thinking. Many people who suffer from anxiety can had Intrusive Thoughts, and CBD oil may be the way to help you.


    The brain and Intrusive Thoughts

    A lot of research suggests that people who struggle with Intrusive Thoughts have a stronger inner-speech process, which is implicated in many cognitive processes.

    Intrusive Thoughts are thoughts that enter your consciousness, often without warning and prompting, with content t...

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  7. What is Micro dosing CBD and tip on how to

    As you may have already noticed that the dosing instructions on most CBD tinctures recommended taking a full dropper of CBD once per day. Whilst this amount of CBD is a good place to start for many people, there is no benefit to taking more CBD than your body needs.

    While taking more CBD than you need is not harmful, it can significantly increase the cost of CBD use. Your best bet is to determine the smallest amount of CBD needed to achieve the result you are looking for, an amount you can easily determine with a method called micro dosing.


    What is Micro dosing CBD?

    Micro dosing is a technique borrowed from the other side of the hemp family tree to avoid overindulging in THC, but the goal is the same.

     Micro dosing starts with a very small amount of CBD, gradually increasing the serving size throughout the day until you find your minimum effective serving. The end result is the...

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  8. CBD for Breast Cancer October Awareness Month

    CBD for Breast Cancer October Awareness Month

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time for standing with breast cancer survivors and spreading awareness of the disease. Every year around 46,000 people are diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  This month is their time to stand up and fight back, and Mary Jane Labs wants to help.


    Breast Cancer Awareness

    Breast Cancer is the most common diagnosed cancer among women in the United Kingdom. Almost nine in 10 (87%) women survive breast cancer for five years or more. Breast cancer survival is improving and has doubled in the past 40 years in the UK due to a combination of improvements in treatment and care, earlier detection through screening and a focus on targets, including faster diagnosis.
    An estimated 600,000 people are alive in the UK after a diagnosis of breast cancer. This is predicted to rise to 1.2 million in 2030. For many the overwhelming emotional and physical effects of the disease can be long-lasting.

    Accounts from breast cancer survivors tell a harrowing story of fighting back, overcoming great personal turmoil to persevere in the face of adversity. Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be terrifying, and living with breast cancer is no easy feat. The common symptoms of breast cancer include:

    • Lumps in the underarm
    • Swelling of parts of the breast
    • Skin irritation
    • Redness or flaky skin
    • Nipple discharge including blood
    • Pain in breast

    Although treating breast cancer can bring about other symptoms. Side effects of Chemotherapy and radiation such as:

    • Nausea and vomiting
    • Diarrhoea
    • Constipation
    • Pain
    • Arm swelling
    • Shortness of breath
    • Skin irritation


    Can CBD Help?

    Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of many cannabinoids that can be found in hemp and marijuana, two types of cannabis plants. CBD may help people with cancer manage some symptoms of the disease as well as side effects of treatment. Scientists are also looking into how CBD could aid cancer treatment, but more research is needed before any conclusions can be made.

    Marijuana has enough tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to get you high, but hemp does not. CBD itself has no psychoactive compounds. However, CBD products may have trace amounts of THC.

    These are just a few studies addressing the potential of cannabinoids to help treat cancer. Still, it’s far too soon to say that CBD is a safe and effective treatment for cancer in humans. CBD shouldn’t be considered a substitute for other cancer treatment.

    Some areas for future research include:

    • the effects of CBD with and without other cannabino
    • ...
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  9. Can CBD help restore Hormonal balance?

    Most of us are familiar with hormones, but what are they exactly?

    Hormones are chemical messengers that are produced in the Endocrine system and play a vital role in regulating important functions in our body, including metabolism, growth and reproduction.

    Ideally, our hormones should be produced at a regular rate, however, if the body is producing too much or too little of s hormone, this can have serious effects on the body.  This is referred to as hormonal Imbalance.

    Hormonal fluctuations can occur naturally during puberty, menopause and perimenopause, but they can also be caused by toxins or an unbalanced lifestyle.

    Common symptoms of hormonal imbalance include menstrual irregularity, weight gain, mood swings, vaginal atrophy and hair loss.


    Cannabinoids talk to the Endocrine system

    Just like Endocannabinoids, hormones are biochemical messengers involved in many aspects of our physiology. Our growth, behaviour, sleep, s...

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  10. Does CBD make you Hungry?

    Does CBD make you Hungry?

    Are you Worried about what effect taking CBD may have on your appetite? Scared of becoming a slave to crisps, pizza, and chocolate? Well don’t worry, you’re not alone!

    One of the most frequent questions we are asked is whether taking hemp supplements will to lead to the famous ‘munchies’ associated with regular cannabis users.

    No doubt you all know a character from countless examples in films, the typically long haired guy with a baggy t-shirt on smoking away next to a pile of empty food containers, well in all seriousness, it’s a valid question as CBD is well known to have zero physiological side effects thanks to being naturally benign.

    But could it cause a psychological impulse to goggle down sweet and fatty foods? Here at https://maryjanelabs.co.uk/ we wi...

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