Can CBD help me sleep better?

There was a time where there was limited information and knowledge on the cannabis plant. There were so many views on what the uses for it was, with some using for medical reasons while others used it for recreational purposes. The various uses arise from the fact that the cannabis plant is packed with numerous compounds among them cannabidiol shortened as CBD. CBD benefits are abundant and chief among them is helping with sleeping disorders. Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid which is a family of compounds found in the cannabis plant. They are used to treat a wide range of conditions, such as Cancer, Chronic pain, Inflammations, depression and more frequently, sleep disorders.

Cannabidiol, in particular, is often used as a supplement with a wide range of uses. The uses include adding with anxiety, relieving stress, pain and with sleep.

An increasing number of people in the world are suffering from insomnia and sleep disorders. For a long while, sleeping pills were always the option for most people, but financial limitations have forced people to look for alternative natural means, such as the use of CBD.

Cannabidiol works within the body’s endocannabinoid system which as we saw, is responsible for the homoeostatic functions of the body. CBD can therefore regulate and control these functions. Cannabidiol reduces anxiety as well as minimize sleep difficulty, this in turn then increases the quality of sleep. The oil has been proven, through research, to reduce insomnia in persons who experience chronic pain. When taken in smaller doses, however, the oil creates more alertness and makes the user less susceptible to feeling sleepy during the day.

With these features in CBD, the oil can be a useful tool in a consistent cycle.


When it comes to CBD, especially now that there no set regulations on the dosage, you should probably start on a low. This is especially so if you are taking it for the first time. Different bodies will react differently to the drug, and it is, therefore, a good idea to first understand how your body responds to the oil and then progress.

Here at Mary jane labs we will give you a guide line of the dosage. Most people who use CBD for sleep will use a dosage of about 10 or 20 mg. We will also translate this into the number of drops you will need to take. The recommended dosage for people suffering from depression is often 1 mg, the dosage increases for those with chronic pains, reaching an approximate 5mg. This does not, however, mean that a higher dose is dangerous. Some people will take a daily dose of 30 mg, which is 30 times the dosage of patients suffering from depression and still feel fine.

The best way of you getting the right dosage of CBD for your sleeping disorder is simply experimental. You can start as little as 5mg per day and see how it goes and then increase by 2mg each time until your find what’s perfect for you.