CBD and Exercise

CBD has well documented anti-inflammatory, pain relief, cortisol balancing and blood sugar regulating properties. For athletes this means relief from cramp, faster recovery times, better muscle building and protection from extreme exercise stress. It’s a natural exercise booster that has already taken a lot of sports by storm as it is permitted in competitions and becoming more popular with everyone from kick boxers to swimmers.

CBD as an anti-inflammatory

The major benefit of CBD is its powerful anti-inflammatory effect. Hard exercise causes tiny tears in the muscles, inflammation occurs and the body’s repair processes are triggered and muscles are grown stronger.

Problems start when there is too much damage that is hard to repair and results in poor athletic performances and causes injuries. CBD offers a way to prevent this excessive damage. CBD is such an effective anti-inflammatory that it can be used to help treat multiple sclerosis. For all your fitness freaks, it offers a natural way to recover faster and more effectively and it has well documented pain-relieving properties. Its also great for cramps during exercise and some have reported it can help boost endurance.  

CBD and Stress

CBD also balances cortisol levels, the stress hormone, which is triggered by both pressurised lifestyles and extreme workouts. As this hormone can raise blood pressure, change bone density and consume muscle tissue, it actually reduces the effects of exercise. By balancing cortisol, CBD regulate blood sugar, it can reduce insulin levels. With lower insulin levels, less fat is stored by the body which promotes muscle building.


How can CBD be taken?

CBD can be taken in many ways. Can be applied as a cream and rubbed into sore muscles, dropped under the tongue as a tincture or eaten in a edible form such as honey stick or gummies. Its up to you which is the best way for you to consume CBD, so take your time in experimenting and finding out what is right for you and how it helps with your health. Here at https://maryjanelabs.co.uk/ we have a wide range of CBD products to choose from.