Do you have a dog who gets nerves during a thunderstorm? Does your dog run and hide and the thunder noise?

Pet thunderstorm anxiety is a real thing. So much so that numerous of pets across the country are prescribed actual prescriptions to help ease this unwanted anxiety.

But many pet owners aren’t really in to the whole prescription thing.

Which is why several pet owners have turned to CBD when it comes to the thunderstorm anxiety their canine companion tends to experience.

Does CBD work for pets? Take a closer look at


Why are dogs afraid of Thunderstorms?

If your four-legged friend has thunderstorm anxiety, he (or she) is certainly not alone..

Why, though, are some dogs so afraid of loud noises associated with things like thunderstorms and fireworks?

It’s simple, even if it doesn’t seem like it when your dog starts going crazy as the thunder rolls.

Many dogs are afraid of thunderstorms because they don’t understand what it is or what’s going on. 

The extremely loud noise can be perceived as a threat, which can in turn manifest as anxiety.

The loud unfamiliar noise, however, isn’t the only reason why dogs can become so anxious in thunderstorms. There’s research, for example, that suggests the feeling of static electricity in the air from the thunderstorm is what’s so disturbing to some dogs. This is because the atmospheric changes can cause static electricity to build up in a dog’s coat, which can feel very similar to a painful, electric shock.

According to Director of the Animal Behaviour Department at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, Dr. Nicholas Dodman, dogs can experience several shocks from static electricity during a thunderstorm.

Do thunderstorms have your dog running towards grounded spaces like the basement or bathtub? The build-up of static electricity in their coat could be why.


CBD could help pets

In case you haven’t heard, humans aren’t the only species to benefit from CBD. More and more pet owners have started using CBD for their furry friends.

Pet owners are touting the benefits of CBD for their dogs and cats, claiming that it helps everything from seizures and pain to anxiety and appetite.

This is because, just like humans, dogs and other animals have their own endocannabinoid system.

While there is little research yet, CBD has become one of the most popular pet products that’s hit the market in a while.

Despite the lack of clinical research that’s been conducted on pets and CBD, personal accounts from pet owners themselves have made a serious impact in sales.


What about the CBD dosage for dogs?

How much CBDF should you give your dog for thunderstorm anxiety?

Dosing CBD is a common concern with humans and animals. When it comes to dogs, just how much CBD should they take?

Its recommended 0.5-5mg CBD per 10 pounds of body weight twice a day.

Start low and increase the does every 4-7 days if needed.

Also the higher the does of CBD could be beneficial in some situations.

Just like with humans, its best to start low and go slow when it comes to administrating CBD to your dogs for thunderstorm anxiety.


All dogs are different, if you have more questions, speak to your local Vets for more advice.

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