CBD skin care routines

Cannabidiol is an extremely versatile compound. Found primarily in hemp and in trace amounts in marijuana, CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that has been increasing in use all over the world recently. With the loosened restrictions on marijuana in some places, further research into cannabinoids like CBD has been possible, and has yielded some exciting results. You’ve probably already heard the buzz over CBD as a seizure reducer and possible pain and anxiety reliever, but it boasts even more uses than that.

Did you know that CBD may help you maintain healthy skin? CBD has been worked into the skin care routine of thousands of people in the form of lotions, bath accessories, and more. So, what’s all the hype about CBD and skincare? Should you add it to your routine? The growing body of CBD research suggests that topically applied CBD may help your skin in the following ways. 


Antioxidants is the term for a wide range of vitamins and minerals that help slow the oxidation process within your cells. When your body processes things like food or toxins, something called free radicals are formed. Free radicals are responsible for a lot of oxidation within your cell and damage to the genetic material that they contain. Antioxidants can stop free radicals from forming or destroy them before they6 can do any damage. The end result is stronger DNA that lasts longer. Think of antioxidants as a shield that covers your skin, protecting it from the damage associated with the unavoidable wear and tear of life.

CBD skincare products contain these helpful antioxidants, and that’s what gives them their potential to keep your skin youthful and strong. Most other sources of antioxidants come from your diet, but a direct, topical application to your skin may be more efficient.



CBD skincare has one other major trick up its sleeve, Easing inflammation. Most of the skin problems are an issue of inflamed glands and skin tissue. Acne vulgaris, which is the most common skin affliction worldwide, is the direct result of inflammation and an overproduction of certain oils. Studies have shown CBD to have a positive effect on this kind of acne, easing the red inflamed areas that contribute to that painful spotty look.


Age Lines

A CBD lotion is not going to eliminate any wrinkles you already have, but evidence suggests it may help stave off any further age lines and increase the resilience of your skin cells. Your skin has endocannabinoid receptors, and CBD will bind to these, slowing down the appearance of age-related wrinkles and lines. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are hard work in this scenario, as well, soothing your skin and helping it retain its healthy glow.

It can be hard to study the age-resistance effects of CBD on humans because of how long the studies take, but trails in mice which have much shorter life spans have shown that CBD can reduce the onset of age-related skin changes.

How to apply CBD to your skin

CBD has a lot of benefits, but what your get depends on how it is applied. CBD can be ingested, inhaled, applied sub-lingually or applied topically. Its CBD topical the one you need to focus on for CBD skincare.

To get the most out of CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, you will apply straight to the skin. Adding CBD oil to your diet or getting a vape pen won’t do as much for your skin.

Most CBD retailers like our selves at https://maryjanelabs.co.uk/ have a wide range of CBD skincare products. Such as, Bath bombs which are great for that evening bath and have the added benefit to helping you relax before you go to sleep, and lotion, very easy to apply to the skin.

CBD skincare routines are becoming more and more popular and many manufacturers are taking advantage of the demand.

But don’t be to impatient, your skin can take a long time to show the effects of a CBD change. So if it has only been a few weeks and you don’t feel like your glowing just yet, give it some more time and remain consistent. An inconsistent skincare routine will take much longer to yield any results, if it helps at all. A CBD skincare routine will be even more effective if its combined with other skincare choices like a healthy diet and increased water intake.