CBD Tea offers users of the molecule an easy and relaxing way to get their daily dose. CBD Teas can also be brewed with certain Terpene – containing herb augment its effects.


What is CBD Tea?

CBD Tea is exactly what you probably think it is, a mix of herbal infused, with added CBD for that added relaxing vibe.

CBD Oil is extracted from hemp plants that are naturally low in THC. The CBD itself is entirely Non-Psychoactive or addictive.

CBD tea bags are generally made from CBD isolate. This means that the CBD has undergone the maximum amount of filtration possible to ensure that it has no other Cannabinoids, Phytocannabinoids or Terpenes included.


CBD Tea for Flu season

The flu season has been particularly rough this season. Many of us all reach for the over the counter bottles of flu medicine and bowls of soup to try and easy the flu symptoms.

Why not try CBD? While Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, can’t cure the flu or a common cold, but it may help boost your immune system and make those flu symptoms a lot more bearable.

Our body’s attempt to fight cold or flu viruses automatically causes inflammation in sore throats, sinuses, nose and lungs.

The Cannabinoids and terpenes found in CBD may help drive down inflammation in these areas and therefore symptoms like a runny or congested nose.



Other Benefits CBD Tea has:

-          Alleviates stress, Anxiety and Depression

-          Reduces Chronic Pain

-          Promotes Heart Health

-          Improves Lung Health

-          Alleviates Bowel Problems

-          Eases symptoms of Nausea

-          Prevents onset of Alzheimer’s Disease

-          It helps keep you hydrated


Alleviating Nausea

Peppermint, Ginger, Lemongrass and other natural ingredients have been used to help alleviate nausea for thousands of years. Even in their raw form, these ingredients are powerful antidotes for settling an upset stomach.

CBD has also been used to treat nausea. It has often been found to help people who suffer from extreme vomiting from medications such as Chemotherapy.

When you take Cannabidiol and make it into a tea, it can create a soothing effect on the body because it contains 10mg of CBD.


Relief from Chronic pain

Millions of people unfortunately suffer from chronic pain, and find little to no pain relief available.

Cannabidiol tea has been used as a pain blocker for thousands of years and people are finally starting to use it again and finding it often work better than pharmaceutical medications.

Drinking CBD tea has been found by many to contain Anti-inflammatory properties that can give a person the relief they need to live a painless life.


Dealing with Anxiety

Anxiety is a mental illness that effects a large portion of people in our society today. Anxiety can leave people feeling helpless, a crippling effect in a normal day to day activities.

By drinking CBD Tea it may help to relax. What’s more it could lead to lowered blood pressure and also boost your mood.


You can have CBD Tea Hot or Cold, but for the best results we recommend that you use CBD Tea I either warm or hot water to get maximum potential from the CBD we infused our tea with.


Hot CBD Tea: 1.5tsp of Tea into your loose leaf tea infused. Pour 8oz of hot water over your tea. Leave for 1-3 mins. Remove loose tea and enjoy.

Iced and Cold CBD Tea: 1.5tsp of tea for 8oz of water. Leave for 3mins then enjoy.


By combining CBD tea, it becomes incredibly easy to take it, either in the morning or evening. Instead of having to consume CBD Oil, you can drink and enjoy your favourite type of CBD Tea.


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