Quit smoking and improve your health with CBD

Smoking is a habit that can be difficult to break for people with even the strongest of wills. It becomes so reactionary; you won’t even notice the number of cigarettes you smoke throughout the day. With time, that number only increases and your health declines.

If like some you have tried many ways of quitting smoking, you might think you have run out of options and your will power and determination is lacking.

There are various methods people turn to quit smoking, such as the patch, e-cigarettes, medications, and other ways that all contain more toxic chemicals to assist you in quitting and often with varying results which are not always positive.

Why is nicotine so addictive?

Facing the facts, nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs in the world and it is not as easy as 1,2,3 to give up the dirty habit. It is highly “physically addictive” in that when we take it, we always experience the sense of relief and pleasure and the experience and feeling are difficult to forget. Our brain and body enjoy that. When we stop smoking, we desire it and feel physically uncomfortable.


There are many therapies available on the market that may potentially suit your requirements or budget. From chewing gum through to nicotine patches that have been around for decades, there is a new product available that has many promising results when quitting the habit of smoking, and that is CBD oil. 

Does CBD help with quitting smoking?

Cannabidiol is commonly known as CBD and is abundantly found in a once vilified plant -cannabis. CBD is a cannabinoid, one of the major compounds found in large quantities in the hemp variety of cannabis, which has been used by modern and ancient civilizations for centuries. With the broadening and relaxation of laws of cannabis and especially medical cannabis usage, cannabinoids are being studied by many organizations that are investigating the many claimed medical benefits of cannabis. The research is looking unsurprisingly positive as for thousands of years cannabis has been used as a nutritional and medical supplement. 

One of the most efficient and effective ways to deliver cannabis to your body is through vaping CBD oil. CBD oil is usually infused into a vegetable glycerine and vaped through a vaporizer that delivers vapor when inhaled. Turning smoking to vaping is highly acceptable for most smokers who are trying to quit tobacco. Both smoking and vaping produce vapor in the heating process, just inhale and exhale. They are similar regarding many aspects.

Vaping CBD 

Vaping CBD is efficient as the vaporizers heats the cannabis oil to perfect temperatures for vaporizing the fragile cannabinoids. Vaping CBD is a far healthier alternative to smoking and if you are on the journey of quitting smoking it’s a similar habit with next to no health consequences, or should we rather say far fewer consequences to smoking. 

Using a refillable CBD vape pen kit will set you up well on a successful path of quitting smoking if you put your mind to it. A refillable and reusable vape pen will save you money in the long run. CBD will support and benefit you in many ways while weaning yourself off nicotine and this is why! CBD studies have reported that it may assist with anxiety and addiction issues and assist the brain in producing supplementary endocannabinoids and helping the body find a better healthier balance. 

Although more research is required to prove CBD is an effective way to quit smoking, preliminary reports and studies are looking very promising. CBD seems to assist people in reducing many of the difficult symptoms when quitting smoking such as cravings, irritability and withdrawals. CBD not assists with these factors but can also potentially assist in the reversal of damage caused by years of smoking. 

Vaping CBD oil is a very popular method of administering CBD as it very closely mimics the hand to mouth movement smokers have become used to. Another benefit of the CBD oil and refillable vape cartridges is you can mix the oils yourself, depending on your CBD and nicotine requirements. Alternatively, you can purchase one of the many premixed CBD vape cartridges available online for your specific vaporizer. 

Vaping is also a very effective administration method of CBD oil as it maintains a high level of bioavailability. Bioavailability is the amount of CBD that is made available for the body to use, and vaping CBD oil is one of the most effective tools to achieve this. Bioavailability of CBD is suggested to be only 15% of the total amount and this is due to CBD being hydrophobic, not very water soluble and therefore hard to keep it available in the bloodstream. Thus, having enough available CBD in the bloodstream is a lot harder than it sounds. 

Digesting CBD oils or edibles is less efficient as CBD volume is reduced when digested in the liver. Whereas vaporizing CBD is far more efficient as it bypasses the liver and directly absorbed into the bloodstream through the mouth and lungs. Digesting CBD also takes a longer time for the effects of CBD to be felt, whereas because of the effective method of vaping, the effects are felt almost instantly. 

The benefits of CBD are still being verified through peer-reviewed studies but the thousands of studies that have been conducted positively identify CBD as more than dietary supplement with many potential medical benefits. CBD is a well-known anti-inflammatory, excellent for pain management and rebuilding of cells. This is because of a unique system comprising of our immune and nervous systems known as the endocannabinoid system or ECS. 

Our ECS naturally produces compounds known as endocannabinoids and these compounds are very similar to the cannabinoids found in the cannabis sativa plant. Because of this fact, our bodies are designed to interact with cannabinoids that are processed through receptors located throughout or ECS. The ECS is responsible for many bodily functions including but not limited to movement, mood, memory and appetite to name a few. CBD’s interaction with the receptors ultimately brings the body back into balance for the improvement of your health and wellness. 

Quitting smoking is no easy task and using CBD to compliment other treatments you may choose is a clever tool to use and will help you along the road of successfully giving up the habit for good.