Going to the gym you take your essentials, right? Water, protein snack, maybe some work out pain relief gel? But did you ever think about taking your CBD oil with you to the gym?

Using hemp oil in your pre or post workout route can help you with your exercising experience.


Boosting your energy

CBD elevates chemicals in your brain that can give you a boost of energy as well as helping your metabolism use the energy you already have stored.

Taking supplements packed with caffeine might seem a good idea and seem healthy because they are in powder form as its not accompanied by all that sugar, but caffeine is still a powerful drug.  If not used in moderation, it can cause health problems like high blood pressure, diarrhoea and irritability.

Taking CBD for your pre work out can help boost your energy levels without giving you any of those side effects. A small does of CBD in an e-cigarette or tincture can elevate you Anandamide levels which can make you feel more uplifted and ready to get to work.


Muscle soreness

When you feel sore after a good workout, you can use CBD oil to help with the pain, and it can even help with muscle spasms you might get. Of course, keeping yourself hydrated, reducing your caffeine intake, and not going beyond your limits is a great way to keep your muscles from hurting. But if you find that the precautions you took weren’t enough, CBD topical salves, gels, and balms can help with the soreness from an intense workout.

If you keep hydrated and make sure not to overexert yourself, you’ll be less likely to have muscle pain and spasms. Using CBD for your sore muscles should be more of a backup plan because doing that to your body every time you work out could be damaging.



Taking CBD before you workout can help you concentrate so you stay in the zone for longer. During this time, your brain is working more efficiently.

You know that moment where the music pumping into your ears becomes your background music to your own music video, the whole room disappears, and the only focus you have is on your reps? It can be challenging to find “the zone,” but with CBD it can help you concentrate and help you get there. By reducing any anxieties, you might have, CBD can help you focus on the matter at hand so you can get fit and healthy without mental distractions.

Next time you throw your gym bag together, don’t forget to pack some CBD oil products in along with your sweat towel and water bottle. Be sure to check out our shop https://maryjanelabs.co.uk/ to see what great products we have to offer that can elevate your gym experience.