The popularity of CBD is spreading far and wide. Long gone the days wen CBD was only found in the form of tincture.

Now CBD Is added to almost everything.

CBD drinks are quickly becoming a go-to method of consumption for countless individuals who find benefit in the non-psychoactive cannabinoid.

CBD drinks are basically just what they sound like. Drinks are quickly becoming all the range as the prevalence and popularity of cannabis products continues to become more common.

CBD drinks include pretty much any beverage that contains CBD.

There are:

  • Water
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Energy drinks
  • Many more

If you can drink it, you can CBD it.

Beverages, in general, are always going to be a popular product. Mix in CBD and you have got something set to be one of the trendiest products to hit the beverage scene since bottled water. CBD drinks are more than just a trendy new product to hit the mainstream, however, CBD drinks allow people to more easily benefit from the cannabinoid in their every day lives.

While CBD drinks, CBD water, CBD pops and other CBD infused beverages have yet to make it onto our shelves of your local corner shops and big supermarket, it should only be a matter of time that CBD drinks become as common as the other countless beverage options that are in super markets.


How are CBD drinks made?

While CBD drinks sound simple enough, there’s a little more to the process of their development than simply adding some CBD tincture into the mix.

CBD drinks and CBD water that are produced on a larger scale are typically made using water soluble CBD.

You’ve likely heard the expression “oil and water don’t mix.”

Seeing as CBD is typically found in the form of an oil, CBD beverages are made using CBD that can actually dissolve in water. Using proprietary, state-of-the-art technology, CBD particles are broken down into tiny nanoparticles that are so small they can eventually infuse into water or other liquids.

CBD drinks can also be made using CBD isolate, however, when compared to this crystalline form of CBD that boasts some of the highest CBD bioavailability (how much CBD is actually absorbed into the bloodstream), water soluble CBD is superior when it comes to making CBD drinks and CBD water.

What’s the Difference between CBD drink and CBD water?

There isn’t really any difference between CBD drinks and CBD water.

The only difference would be the ingredients used to make them. The CBD drinks that are currently available on the market are typically made up of different ingredients known to produce certain effects.

A lot of the time CBD drinks will include different herbs and ingredients known to promote relaxation, increase energy, or support focus and concentration.

A CBD drink made specifically for relaxation, for example, might include other ingredients such as kava, passionflower, chamomile, valerian, and/or other calming herbs.

CBD water, on the other hand, is just that. CBD mixed with water.

CBD water is typically made using nanotechnology, the process that breaks down CBD particles into the tiny nanoparticles that blend seamlessly with water molecules.

The Benefits of CBD Drinks and CBD Water Made with Water Soluble CBD

The benefits of CBD water soluble CBD surpass those of oil-based CBD products when added to CBD drinks and CBD water.


It all comes down to the bioavailability of water-soluble CBD.

CBD drinks and CBD water made with water soluble CBD are thought to be absorbed by the body more rapidly, meaning it takes less time to feel CBD’s effects.

While the theories are promising, you should keep in mind there is a lack of hard evidence for this. With time, and the increasing public interest in CBD, there will be more evidence found for or against the benefits of CBD in general.

With water soluble CBD there’s also less waste of the cannabinoid, meaning more of the product is actually put to use.

Less waste means you don’t have to purchase as much, which could have a serious impact on how much money someone spends on CBD to meet their personal needs.

Water soluble CBD is also extremely versatile.

There are already options available to purchase water soluble CBD products that can easily be added to your favourite drinks and the water you drink at home.

How Much CBD is Usually in CBD Drinks?

The CBD drink market is poised to become HUGE. There are already quite a few options available when it comes to CBD drinks and CBD water that can easily be found online and in states that have passed legal cannabis laws.

Just like other CBD products, CBD serving sizes vary in CBD water.

A 16oz bottle of CBD water, for example, might contain 10-25mg CBD.

With a bit of research, we found that when it comes to CBD water, serving sizes range from 4mg-30mg, with a 500ml bottle containing an average price tag of right around $10.

CBD drinks are much the same.

CBD-sparkling sodas could contain 20mg CBD per 12oz can.

There are CBD-infused cold brew coffee and tea options that contain 20mg CBD per 11oz bottle.

For the more sophisticated pallet, there are options that might include lavender sparkling water infused with 15mg of CBD.  

There is also the option of purchasing water soluble CBD that you can make your own CBD drinks and CBD water from. This allow you to customize exactly how much CBD is in your drink of choice.



If you’re looking for a convenient way to medicate that provides fast-acting relief similar to that of smoking or vaping, then a water soluble is an excellent option. It can be mixed into drinking water and will not separate from the water if it is left to sit for a length of time, making it perfect for anyone who needs to medicate on-the-go. 
CBD water soluble liquid is also perfect for blending with lotions or other skin care products to create your own topicals – and it will combine easily with your favourite lotions or other skin care products.