As you may have already noticed that the dosing instructions on most CBD tinctures recommended taking a full dropper of CBD once per day. Whilst this amount of CBD is a good place to start for many people, there is no benefit to taking more CBD than your body needs.

While taking more CBD than you need is not harmful, it can significantly increase the cost of CBD use. Your best bet is to determine the smallest amount of CBD needed to achieve the result you are looking for, an amount you can easily determine with a method called micro dosing.


What is Micro dosing CBD?

Micro dosing is a technique borrowed from the other side of the hemp family tree to avoid overindulging in THC, but the goal is the same.

 Micro dosing starts with a very small amount of CBD, gradually increasing the serving size throughout the day until you find your minimum effective serving. The end result is the optimal amount of CBD for your unique needs.


Finding your Optimal Dosage

Every one responds to CBD differently. Your ideal serving size will depend on your reason for using CBD, the product type and the way your system responds to CBD. To find your optimal serving size with a CBD tincture, start with a single drop of CBD the first hour. If you don’t notice effects after 45 minutes, take two drops the second hour, three drops the third hour and so on, assessing your progress before the next serving. Keep track of how you feel, how much your take and stay alert to any indications of the following:

  • Too Little CBD

If you take too like CBD for your needs, you will not feel any effects. You may even start to wonder what all the fuss is about. If you do not experience any noticeable difference, continue taking more CBD as directed above. If there are no changes, continue to increase your serving size by one drop every hour.

  • Too much CBD

Since you will be taking CBD in increasing increments, you may hit a point where you have taken more CBD than your body needs. Some people will notice adverse effects if they take too much CBD. These reactions are not dangerous, just a sign that you may want to cut back on your serving size.

  • An Optimal CBD Dosage

Once you hit your optimal serving, you will know. You will get the affects you were hoping for. Micro dosing allows you to experience the full health and wellness potential of CBD while saving money in the process. When you use fewer mg of CBD by determine your optimal serving size, none of your CBD is wasted. Your tincture or vape pen will last longer and you won’t need to purchase as often.


How to find an Optimal dose?

The key to micro dosing is to start with a very small amount of CBD, one drop of a tincture or a single puff of a vape pen, paying close attention to how you feel. If you notice your desired effect 45 minutes after your last serving, stop. Then total the number of drops you have ingested during the previous four hours to calculate the amount of CBD in your system. Try sticking with that serving size two to three times per day (every 4-6 hours) adjusting the frequency of your CBD use to your needs.

If you don’t notice results the first day continue where you left off the next. If your last serving size on day one is 10 drops, your second day will resume with 11 drops. Before you begin, consider the following suggestions:

  • Pay attention to product concentration

The type of CBD you are using can influence your results. If your like vaping CBD but decide to switch to a tincture, its important to pay attention to the amount of CBD in both products. You may have to break the numbers down a bit. For example, a 200mg vape pen averages 100 puffs per cartridge. That’s about 2mg of CBD per puff. A CBD tincture, let’s say 1000 mg for example, has 33 mg per dropper. Since a dropper holds 40 drops, that’s 0.8 mg of CBD per drop. 

  • Test in small amounts

Only you can determine the amount of CBD that’s right for you. Micro dosing will help you determine that amount. Stop when you are pleased with your results and wait four hours before taking it again with the amount determined by your previous four hours. Trying to rush the process can skew your results. If you are unsure, you can always test your results again the following day to confirm.

  • Test different products

While CBD tinctures are considered the gold standard for determining accurate serving sizes, tinctures are not right for everyone. The advantage of CBD tinctures is that the effects can last 6-8 hours. If you are looking for more efficient delivery method, consider a vape CBD pen. The effects of a CBD vape pen are commonly felt within minutes, but try to stick to the same basic Micro dosing technique you would use with a tincture.


 Three Tips for Micro dosing with CBD

  • Be Patient

Wait a full hour after taking CBD for the first time to see how you feel. Everyone responds to CBD differently so it could take hours or even days or even weeks before you experience noticeable results. This is where patience is essential. If you try to rush the process, you may end up taking more CBD than you need.

  • Buy Quality CBD

Chances are you read one of the numerous reports that caution people about unscrupulous venders selling products with little to no CBD. Maybe you have discussed CBD with someone who was disappointed by their lack of results? They may not have purchased a quality product. This is why it is important to purchase your CBD products from a reputable company like

  • Don’t mix CBD with Alcohol, THC or other substances

When trying to determine your idea serving size, its important to experiment at a time you will not be using any other products that could alter the way you feel or interact with you dosage. That means you will want to avoid using alcohol, over the counter medications and cannabis products containing THC. Using other substances wit CBD could interfere with the result of Micro dosing or you CBD could alter the impact of the substance.


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