Whenever feeling stressed or discouraged, we lose out on so many opportunities. Stress affects all our behaviour and we become hyper, depressed, aggressive etc. it adversely affects our mood and also out work pattern and doing daily activities.

Life will always throw obstacles at you. It is not a walk in the park but you can make it easier to tackle them by keeping tour behaviour and mood swings under control.

In order to feel energetic and refreshed, a person will look for different alternatives like touring, indulging in sports, dance, music, going for walks or even following something you enjoy, like a hobby. Its been proven that doing activities you enjoy can affect your mood and turn it from feeling sad to feeling happy. A person will always want to keep themselves active and focused, with out letting any aliment or similar obstacle affect his work. Work is worship – this proverb has really made our lives meaningful and has taught us to be sincere and dedicated t...

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