crohn's disease

  1. The benefits of CBD for Autoimmune Conditions

    The benefits of CBD for Autoimmune Conditions

    There are about 53 to 80 million people suffering from any one of the more than 80 different types of autoimmune diseases.

    Autoimmune conditions affect the human body by attacking healthy cells and tricking our immune system into thinki8ng the bodies healthy tissues are actually dangerous invaders. Doctors often tell their patients suffering from these diseases that there isn’t any way to heal their bodies, but thankfully more studies are looking into CBD and how it can used as an effective tool to help control the symptoms of many autoimmune diseases.

    What is Autoimmune Disease

    These types of conditions are an area of medicine that is largely misunderstood. There are currently more than 80 different registered autoimmune disorders that affect various parts of the body.

    Basically, autoimmune d...

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  2. CBD Tea

    CBD Tea

    CBD tea offers users of the molecule an easy and relaxing way to get their daily does. CBD teas can also be brewed with certain terpene containing herbs to augment its effects.


    We all know about the different ways of consuming CBD, but why not sit back with a nice cup of CBD tea?

    Combining CBD with the therapeutic herbs and spices found in tea produces a unique holistic remedy that has the potential to alleviate of symptoms, improve mood and boost energy. CBD tea is one of the healthiest drinks on the planet. Its loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients.

    Whether you are searching for a way to induce more relaxation into your life or will ge going on a flight soon, and flying makes you anxious, or maybe you are just looking for a way to sleep better, CBD tea may be the answer you have been looking for.

    What is CBD tea?


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  3. CBD for Crohn’s Disease

    CBD for Crohn’s Disease

    This cannabis plant has been used in so many ways for plenty of years now. Today CBD and derivatives are being looked at for their potential therapy in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) which includes ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohns Disease (CD).

    These are the two main categories of irritable bowel disease, with an approximate 300,000 people suffering with IBD in the UK.

    Today plenty of people are starting to use CBD to treat Crohns disease.

    So, let’s take a look at what exactly Crohns disease is and how CBD could help treat and what medical research has found.


    Crohn’s Disease

    Crohn’s disease in an inflammatory disorder that can affect the whole gastrointestinal system but is often found in the small intestine. The major cause of symptoms is inflammation, which causes a...

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